Godzilla vs Kong 2021 | Trailer | Release Date | Download

Godzilla vs Kong 2021
Godzilla vs Kong 2021

Godzilla vs Kong 2021 is finally in theaters after its long anticipation but is it worth the hype and excitement.

We all have for this movie let’s find out in the review.

Welcome back to the Eskycart today we are finally talking about the next film in the monster verse with Godzilla vs Kong 2021 | Trailer | Release Date | Download.

This is in my top 20 most anticipated films of the entire year that I’ve been begging to see.

Now that it is finally here it was totally worth the anticipation and the hype this film corrected many of the significant issues that I had with the previous film Godzilla king of the monsters that showed up in its bad box office return that the warner brothers really wanted to change for this new upcoming film.

They gave us exactly what we wanted it is a silly exciting dumb monster movie.

Where the monsters are the main characters and were very entertaining.

So without further ado let’s dive right into the positives starting with the visual effects.

Godzilla vs Kong Release Date

Godzilla vs. Kong

Release date:- 26 March 202


First look to the Trailer,

Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer

Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer

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The Visual Effects in Godzilla Vs Kong

The visual effects are simply stunning and extremely impressive in this film.

All these movies have incredible effects but I feel as though this film utilizes it much better in this one Kong and Godzilla look epic being the best-looking versions of the characters.

I have ever seen all of it looks so real especially when they’re smashing buildings and causing destruction.

The Score Junkie XL

The score junkie xl does it again with another fantastic score that i thought was the best score of this franchise.

It was so intense riveting and made my heart pump like I was in the fight myself I thought it was used very appropriately and made the action scene so much better it gave me literally goosebumps listening to this fantastic score.

Action Sequences

This is the best of the entire franchise that the filmmakers really hyped up and promised to give us which is what we wanted there is a lot in this movie that was so so satisfying to watch.

I was legitimately so happy feeling like a little kid watching the sheer awe nature of this incredible piece of film making.

This is the most action used in all of these films this was a big sigh of relief that has been a significant complaint in all these films.

Adam Wingard Handled

Who do not know who is Adam Wingard Handled. He is the director of Godzilla Vs Kong.

The massive scope and atmosphere so well all the shots look incredible as you can clearly tell what is happening in every single fight scene.

There are so many fantastic wallpaper shots of Kong in the film that I would have had on my laptop he definitely took a lot of inspiration from Gareth Edwards from the first film because you definitely feel Edward’s style going into this film.

Which is a great thing he also made some incredible jaw-dropping crowd-cheering moments that every Godzilla and Kong fan is gonna lose it.

Talk about Story of Godzilla Vs Kong

when they see it my last positive is that the story is pretty good I’m not expecting a grandmaster complex story with a massive giant lizard and a massive giant eight.

But I will say that it was pretty good for what it’s going for it’s effortless straight to the point and adding a mystery to it that I really enjoyed quite a bit surprised this film.

Few Negative Points Of Godzilla Vs Kong

Starting with the self-explanatory one with the humans.

The humans are seriously underdeveloped and not all that great pretty much all of these movies have had pretty bad characters that you don’t care about with the film shoving them in random subplots that this film is a victim.

They are so serviceable to the plot and not very annoying as in previous films the humans definitely take a significant step back in this one which I appreciate a ton.

I will say the little girl in the movie I really cared about as they made her a vital portion of the story that I thought worked extremely well.

Last Negative is the writing

Last Negative is the writing.

His dialogue is better thanking of the monsters and skull island but still not very good the film talks down to us so much overly explaining things.

We could have figured out ourselves that aren’t all that complex.

There is also a ridiculous stupid villain who feels like a cartoon character that only bothered me in a few moments.

I also found that some things in the movie didn’t make sense being foolish and having massive plot conveniences.


Overall if you love Godzilla, Kong and monster movies this is the movie for you

It is filled with top-tier monster fights fantastic visual effects a superb score and incredible pace with the monsters actually being the main characters the film does have quite a few negatives.

I hope you know all about the Godzilla Vs Kong

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