How to increase sales volume by 20% More?

how to increase sales volume
How to increase sales volume 20% more online in less than 10 minutes?

How to increase sales volume

Before we get started. Literally, in less than 10 minutes, I’m going to teach you how to boost your sales by more than 20%. We have a lot of clients at my ad agency, Eskycart Digital, tonare in the eCommerce space, and I kid you not using the tactics that I’m going to share with you today, we’re typically seeing a 20% or more increase in sales.

Your bounce rates are going to improve, right?

That number is going to get lower. Your time on sites can increase, all these things also impact your search engine optimization and your rankings on Google, which in turn also increases your sales as well. So

What is the user journey?

Well, 88% of users are less likely to return to the site if the user experience is bad. And what I mean by that is ones if someone comes to your website and they can’t find what they’re looking for, or ones if they’re confused on what to do or where to go to find what they’re looking for or ones if their keep bombarded by so many popups they just want to leave.

And it’s made down into three main components, experience, structure, and functionality, and we’re going to go over them in a bit. And after all, I am getting to offer you step by step unjust tips, therefore, you’ll be able to get that twenty-plus percent increase in sales. And as I discussed, it is also really important for SEO moreover, as a result, that is what keeps individuals engaged.

that is what keeps them on your website, generating multiple pages and not simply clicking the rear button to the Google search results page so getting to another listing. this can be however you furthermore might indirectly boost your search engine optimization rankings.

The client journey funnel is just about to perceive your customers, a great deal of that happens with keyword analysis, then you wish to examine how they behave on your web site, so after all, you wish to trace and improve the expertise that way individuals keep returning and that they purchase from you. you’ll be able to use tools like CrazyEgg to examine all of this, and that’ll assist you to improve the overall expertise.

However, what I am additionally getting to do is break down the guidelines I’ve learned that just about worked for any website doing commerce on-line. And having a nasty married woman is damaging. As HubSpot realized, eightieth of people stopped doing business with corporations as a result of poor client expertise. do not be one in every one of those corporations.

I am getting to show you the precise tips. don’t fret, there are not too several, they are simple to implement, like I aforesaid, you will be able to induce these tired butten minutes to begin growing your eCommerce sales.

Therefore, first of all, build your site with straightforward navigation. And here’s the instance, this can be on my weblog and you can do this on any variety of sites. however trust, if you go to the blog, you’ll be able to study lots of various things. And a great deal of them revolves around selling, like SEO, on-line selling, conversion optimization, Google ads, no matter it’s going to be. and that I have straightforward navigation that gets largely clicks. check up on the screenshot on the proper.

What does one suppose is the most clicked area? have you ever guys blogged or valuation or training?

Nope, it is not even the primary post. It’s really the text I want to be told additional concerning, and it says everything and there is a dropdown there with several choices, that get clicked quite the rest. As Clutch realized through a survey, ninety-four of consumers say they want a simple to navigate web site. and that is what I did, on my web site,

I created the navigation super clear and straightforward, and that I use a language that everyone will perceive. I did not build things too advanced. Here’s the instance on the proper facet of what you do not wish to try to do. Your website isn’t the same as a buffet wherever there ought to be too several choices, as a result, after you go to a buffet what happens? you are like, I do know what I would like to eat.

This sounds sensible. That sounds sensible. Well, perhaps will begin with this some later then you will find out that you’ve gotGreek deity an excessive amount of. so you do not come later so you do not go after all the opposite things that you justwishedmoreover. therefore you wish to stay things simple, not too untidy, as a result, of what’s going to happen is, if it’s untidy, individuals will stop participating together with your content. Grammar Check 38% of people stop engaging with the website if the content or layout is unattractive.

So you want to make sure that it is super attractive, you don’t have too many links in your navigation because when you also have too many links it’s not just about user experience, you’re passing your SEO juice to too many links.

And what you’ll find is you’re spreading that juice to too many pages that don’t matter as much, so your rankings won’t be as great in the long run. Another thing that I really love is using filters. So if you don’t have filters on your website, I want you to go and add them. When people go to your website when you’re selling a product they may not know what they’re looking for, but they know I may have a rough idea. So for example, a lot of times when I buy clothes I know, cause I’m a man, I’m looking for men’s clothes and not really looking to see women’s options.

I’m price sensitive, I’m kind of cheap, I know that sounds bad, but it’s the reality, so I know price points I’m willing to pay. I also typically wear the same color schemes like black, blue, white, so I don’t really have too many funky colors like the purples, the pinks, the browns, I keep my filtering allows it where people can just go through thousands of items and narrow them down to 10 or 20, see what they like and then buy.

And there are many different ways to filter, I recommend you check out They have some truly cool filter choices also and customization options. But here’s another genuine case of channels on a portable device. You can do a brisk slider for valuing that functions admirably, color schemes it’s like multiple sizes, pick the categories. That’s an easy way to get people what they’re looking for really quickly, so they can zero in on it and just buy right away. So some tips for you, I recommend you keep your filter short.

You don’t want to have 100, 200 of them. Sometimes you will have to have more than you want and that’s okay like shoe sizes, but try to limit them when possible and make the filters obvious. Don’t try to use complex words and numbers that people don’t understand.

Keep in mind, it really needs to be user friendly, and I recommend testing and tracking your filters, and you can do this within google analytics and track events because when you’re rechecking the events to see what filter options are the most important and the most used, you can show those at the top and the ones that are barely getting used, you can either push them at the bottom or consider removing them. The next tip I have for you and this is one of my favorite ones that I’ve seen actually the biggest impact from this which is to just use the advanced search. On your website, people will be searching for stuff.

You go to Amazon what do you do? And you go to Google, what do people do?

Now, if you don’t have a search, you need to add one. But even if you just add a search, what you’ll find is the results always aren’t great, sometimes people type in all these random terms, and the results that you show arena you’re going to go build a complex algorithm like Google?

So the easy solution that we use at our company is called Doofinder. And what we find is it usually increases sales roughly by 20%, because not only does it make your search more advanced, it’s still really easy and simple to use but their algorithm is really complex in a good way.

The users don’t experience anything that’s complex but the algorithm is quite sophisticated and advanced, so in that way, when people are searching they’re seeing the right stuff and what they’re looking for. advanced search like Doofinder, when someone types in something generic like sneakers, there could be a lot of results, Doofinder will look at what are people buying and clicking on in the past that other people like that are similar, and they’ll show them those items first, because it knows that, that’s what’s going to increase your sales and maximize your conversion rate and

How does an advanced search just help increase conversions?

30% of visitors will perform an insight search if there is a search engine box present, and not just on a page, but an area that is easily findable. Furthermore, as indicated by Moz, they found that companies conversion rates almost multiplied from 2.77 to 4.63 for individuals who use the nearby hunt and found what they were searching for So the key is not to just add search, the key is to add search that is advanced and provides amazing results. And if you don’t, it’s like, think about using Google.

When you search on Google or even Amazon if you’ve got crop results, what would happen?

You wouldn’t come back again, you wouldn’t use Google, they would make less money and Amazon makes less money, hence you want to optimize the results as well. And if you’re not convinced advanced search has also been shown to increase average ticket size by 5% and average visit time for users by roughly 10%. Again, this indirectly helps increase your SEO because of our bounce rate, which is a factor in rankings you know, dwell time, things like page views per visitor, and the key is you got to make sure your search results are advanced.

You could attempt to program something and recruit a designer and attempt to do everything physically, or you can simply utilize an apparatus like Doofinder The fourth tip I have for you and this worked really well for one of my companies, and I’ll show you an example of this is to make your checkup process really simple.

You would think that when someone’s coming to your website they’re going to checkout, they’re likely to buy, your checkout process in most cases you would think doesn’t matter, but it does.21% of shopping cart abandonment is done so by people because their checkout process was way too complicated according to a study by Baymard.

Just because someone coming to your website, it doesn’t mean they’re going to complete the checkout process. Abandoned checkout and abandoned cards cost companies so much money in eCommerce.And for that reason, want your checkout process to be fast, indicating how many steps are, like step one, two, three, guide them in the right direction and make it superior example, with Crazy Egg, which was one of my old companies, we used to have a one-step checkout process where we would ask all the fields on one page.

We change it to a multiple-step checkout process. And then it ended up becoming three steps, go to the pricing page, you could end up putting in your information to create your account, and then from there, you go to the checkout page and then you end up buying.

That little thing, that little change, increased our conversions by roughly 10%. Think about that, 10% more revenue by just simplifying and making the checkout process better. When someone does little actions like gives you their name and email, they’re much more likely to complete the rest of the actions. When someone’s not even willing to give you a little bit of information, the chances are they’re not going to buy.

And when you have these long forms that ask for everything right away, it’s overwhelming, and people don’t end up completing it. But when they just put in a name and email, they’re like, Oh, okay, this was simple, I already gave you my name and email, Oh the next step not too bad, six more steps might as well complete it, because you already have some of my information.

And for the people who don’t complete it all, you can end up emailing them and trying to get them to convert that way as well. When you’re optimizing your checkout process, I also want you to think about the mobile experience because more people are using mobile devices these days than they are using desktop computers or think about it, people have their mobile phones on them all the time.

You don’t have your laptop on you all the time. Heck, your mobile phone is probably next to you in your bed or in your pocket, but your laptop or computer isn’t always next to you in bed.

So you want to make sure when someone types in their name, the right keyboard it shows up and it’s with letters. Or when that to type in their phone number, credit card information, the keyboard with number shows up. These little things impact user experience and can affect your conversions. So some key takeaways for you, it’s every little thing that adds up. One thing’s not going to make or break your business. But if you do all these little things you can easily get a 20 plus percent lift in revenue.

I hope you know how to increase sales volume

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