How to start an eCommerce business? in 10 min ( Easy Steps )

How to start an e-commerce business
How to start an eCommerce business

How to start an eCommerce business

What is ecommerce definition?

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce and internet commerce, refers to buying and selling a good through the internet. and the transfer of money is also through the internet.

E-commerce becomes one of the most successful businesses in and after 2020 and it spread in all our world quickly, after some years e-commerce increase 3 times more. so as we discuss e-commerce.

And if you want to develop your business through e-commerce but you do not have an idea and information start it, about how the whole system is work. and there are many things to notice – research e-commerce and set up your goal, launching, maintaining a site where entrepreneurs, creators, and designers a lot of things are there.

So, let,s come on the How to start an eCommerce business

There are two ways to start an e-commerce business.

  1. Create your e-commerce website.
  2. Selling your products on other Marketplace platforms.

But, first is that you can develop your e-commerce store and in which through marketing, advertising, and branding to bring the customers, but in another way, second is easy and cheapest only you list your products on other e-commerce platforms (Flipkart, and Amazon) and why am I saying the second way is easy because all the companies are branded and make their name in the e-commerce field.

How to start with own ecommerce platform

  1. You can choose your platform where you can create your store.
  2. A design your store attractive and responsible.
  3. Select your categories (Product which easily accessible), which you want to sell on your own e-commerce site
  4. List your product.
  5. Set up taxes.
  6. Set up shipping.
  7. Set up payment methods
  8. Set up all the legal works
  9. AND, do marketing, branding, and Advertising

Selling products on other e-commerce platforms

If you are still reading these articles, So you want to start your e-commerce business with another Marketplace it’s very simple, follow some steps to start your e-commerce business.

First of all, to sell your product online on other marketplaces, you have to register as a seller,

so, to register as a seller on this you will be required some documents such as.

  • GST id (Good and Services Tax)
  • Bank account
  • pan card
  • and if you are running a PVT company then you will have to provide companies pan card
  • also, your email address and mobile number will be required

After you provide all the documents these company you register on these company as a seller and when you become registered as a seller on it and then you come onboard (which mean you are now ready to sell you product on it).

Now, let us now understand the inner process that how order comes and how the system works it’s also important to start your own e-commerce business.

let’s start, after as a seller register these companies provide you a panel, through the help of this panel you can list your product on these websites, manage your products and all the order which you will receive will be shown in this panel.

How e-commerce companies work

  • Customer buy (which he or she want) and when he buys the product then,
  • The panel which the company provided will show your order.
  • And there will be some labels of those orders, print those labels.
  • You will pack this product and attach the label which you print.
  • Then, the company picks up the product and delivered it to the customer addresses.
  • After 3 to 4 days the amount of your product automatically comes to your bank account is after all the deduction of their company commission.

I hope this article is helpful for your needs and you know How to start an eCommerce business

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