Top 10 BEST FREE PS4 Games 2021 (NEW)

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Top 10 BEST FREE PS4 Games 2021
Top 10 BEST FREE PS4 Games 2021 (NEW)

Hey Gamers?

2021 is finally here means that it’s that time of the year that we bring you the best free-to-play games coming to PlayStation 4.

This year we have some free bangers from different genres open-world fighting sports and of course battle royale.

You have to keep in mind that some of these games have some lame microtransactions.

Hey, guys welcome back to the it’s Toufique.

Today we have a list of the Top 10 BEST FREE PS4 Games in 2021.

This list is in reverse order.

Caliber – Team Tactical Shooter

Caliber is a special force, tactical shooter, from the makers of world of tanks another free-to-play title, and PlayStation 4.

This game is a third-person shooter team-based tactical action game that is in its late development stages and is on closed beta on pc in caliber.

Caliber – Team Tactical Shooter

We have different classes medic support assault and recon and every team have to take out other teams in order to win the match.

The game has some really good realistic graphics.

Demon Slayer – Arena Fighter

This game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive free-to-play game coming in 2021 by an apex and also they announced that they’re working on a mobile version too anyway.

Demon Slayer games to no Kaiba hikonami kaputan is an arena fighting game like the ninja storm franchise and jump force and it’s based on the demon slayer manga and anime.

Demon Slayer – Arena Fighter

It will feature maps based on the world of demons slayer and will depict battles between characters from the franchise with each one having his own unique skills and weapons.

PES 2021 LITE – Sports

This is the regular yearly pro evolution soccer free live version.

It’s a reduced version of the original 15$ game and it only includes one single-mode which is my club mode similar to the ultimate team and FIFA games.

PES 2021 LITE – Sports

In the game you have to create a team play matches with other people.

Win those games and upgrade your team the gameplay graphics mechanics and all the teams are the same as the full paid version.

So that’s a win for all the football game fans.

CRSED: F.O.A.D – Battle Royale

This game is a relaunch of cuisine royale.

It’s basically the same game with lots of upgrades and improvements on graphics and gameplay new characters new weapons new maps new vehicles new log and new features are added to the game.

CRSED: F.O.A.D – Battle Royale

It’s like a totally new improved game in cursed you have to choose between 7 different character classes referred to as champions.

Each one with unique abilities and superpowers you can switch between first-person view and third-person view. whatever you want cursed foad is a solid battle royal game and with the relaunch and improvements.

It deserves this place in this year’s free games list.

Roller Champions – Sports

Royal Champions is a competitive sports game from Ubisoft coming early 2021 on PlayStation 4.

It feels like a rocket league with people instead of cars and basketball instead of a giant football with some rugby stuff in the game.

Roller Champions – Sports

Two teams of three players each compete to score five points by throwing the ball into the hanging circle also by completing laps.

The ball becomes worth more points when scored meaning that if you complete five laps with other players interrupting you.

You end up winning the game with one goal.

League of Legends Wild Rift – Battle Arena

League of Legends wild drift is a multiplayer online battle arena video game published by riot games for PlayStation 4.

And, 2021 the game is a modified version of the original pc game league of legends in order to fit the console player base.

League of Legends Wild Rift – Battle Arena

Two teams of five players fight each other in order to take down the enemy base called nexus in a map filled with monsters and dragons in a 20-minute match.

You take control of a champion with a unique skill set and weapons.

You’ve probably heard of this game before and how addictive.

It is so ready to spend countless hours fighting dragons and the League of Legends Wild Rift.

Vigor – Open World Survival

This game is an online survival open world shooter game.

It can be played from both third and first-person shooter perspective in the game.

You have to survive against other players by building a home loading resources and upgrading weapons in order to make enemies.

Vigor – Open World Survival

When you encounter them their needs are the same as yours.

So you have to be well prepared and equipped with powerful weapons also if you want to increase your chances of winning play with a friend or two and chase individual players in the different open maps.

The game is having really good feedback from PlayStation players and is gaining momentum since the release of the December loot shoot build and be the last survival in the post-apocalyptic world now.

Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed his massive multiplayer open-world online role-playing game like every MMO RPG in this game.

You have to engage in intense combat while exploring the open world bless unleash.

You have different weapons that you can unlock while playing.

Bless Unleashed

You have full control of your character’s development and actions every choice you make in the world of place will shape the story of your character.

While playing you will encounter lots of monsters and enemies like giant animals, giant creatures, and dragons.

You have to defeat them in order to progress in the story graphically.

The game is very good with detailed environments and a huge open world to explore the game is already out on PlayStation for free try it.

If it’s your cup of tea.


Scavengers is a survival battle royal game in this game teams of three compete with each other in order to survive a huge frozen map and defeat all other enemies.


Each character has his own unique skills weapons and abilities in every match every team has to loot and capture more date upon than rival teams in order to find the escape location.

And, be the last team alive .


This game is a remake of the original fantasy star online game from the looks of it the graphics gameplay and combat are well created.

This game is coming in few months and it has lots of potential in this game you take control of the main character to rolf a 21 years old teenager.

Open-World Action RPG

You have to explore a huge open world and fight monsters and creatures in order to progress in his story in the game.

You can fight with the sword in close-range combat or with weapons and long-range ones anyway.

We have some bonus games.

  • Knives Out – Battle Royale
  • Magic: legends – MMO RPG
  • Refight the last Worship – Naval Battles

That’s it for today hope you enjoyed the Top 10 BEST FREE PS4 Games 2021 (NEW).

Stay home to Stay safe play games and peace everybody wants it yeah it’s not easy gotta hustle for it.

Have a Good Day

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