Why is My Phone Charging Slow 4 reasons? How to Fix Slow Charging?

why is my phone charging slow
Why is My Phone Charging Slow 4 reasons? How to Fix Slow Charging?

As your smartphone gets old, problems start growing in it. However, the biggest problem is the phone being slow. But at the same time, there are a lot of smartphone users who also complain about the why is My Phone Charging Slow?. This is a major problem in older phones. The charging time of the phone increases greatly and due to this, users have to face a lot of problems. However, this is not a problem that cannot be solved. You can fix it by yourself. However, before knowing the solution, we know Why is My Phone Charging Slow.

Why is My Phone Charging Slow?

Phone charging slow
Phone charge slow

If your smartphone is out of date and its charging is slow, then there can be mainly 3 reasons behind it. Which we have mentioned further. Also read:- ASUS Adolpad 10 Pro tablet launched in China, MediaTek processor, and 7300mAh battery

  • Power Adapter: Let me tell you that everything has its own life cycle and after some time they are spoiled. Although many times things go long, but not every time. The same goes for the charging cable. The cable may have a thick plastic cover at the top but there are thin cables inside which are quite fragile. Not only this, there are many joints at the connecting point of the cable whose chances of getting upset are very high. In such a situation, if your phone is charging slowly, then it may also be due to cable. Sometimes the charging of the cable also slows down due to dust in the connector.
  • Power Adapter: In addition to getting old, power adapters also become the reason for spoiling the phone or slow phone charging. The same problem arises in that too. Sometimes the plugs go bad, sometimes there can be a problem with the charging cable slot. Not only this, when the phone is old, the dust in the socket also makes a difference in the charging of the phone. The phone charges but slows down.
  • Power slot of the phone: You know very well that the charger is connected three times during charging. Socket into the power plug, the cable into the socket, and then the cable into the phone. We have seen two connections but it is very important to see the connection of the phone. Most of the slow charging complaints are due to this slot. Sometimes the slot gets damaged but sometimes there is a problem due to dust or moisturization in the slot. Most of the complaints are of dust.
  • Software update: You must be wondering what to do with the charging of the software. But let me say that the software has a lot to do with it. Many times the software updates itself due to heating or slowing down during phone charging. Do not update the phone and because of this, there is a problem.

How do I get My Phone to Charge Faster?

Among the reasons given above, you must have noticed that dust is the biggest reason for slow charging. There is a lot of dust everywhere in India and these are the biggest reasons for electronics gadgets to go bad. In such a situation, if your phone is charging slowly, then you have to clean all the slots of your phone and charger first. Also read:- Xiaomi MI 10T Pro Price of this 5G phone with 108MP camera reduced, know the new price

Once all the slots are cleaned well then you have to check. Remember that you have to hit air pressure to clean these slats. Many times we blow air out of the mouth and it works. But that is not the right way. A small rubber vacuum is a better option. He gets into a fist and there is no risk of the phone going bad. Hairdryer etc. does damage.

Yes, if you have cleaned with air compression and still have a problem, then change the cable. Try using a different cable. In most chances, the problem is solved from here only. If not better than this, try changing the power adapter.

Yes and after all these, you must also keep an eye on software updates. If an update has come, then update it immediately. This may solve the problem.

If after all this, the problem remains, then it is futile to try too much, this will increase the risk of the phone’s charging slot going bad. Take your phone to the nearest service center. Because there may also be a problem with the charging slot.

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